Welcome to the 2nd Divison, Pacific Northwest Region


One purpose of the 2nd Division of the PNR is to create a community of Model Railroaders in the 2nd Division area. To that end, this website will list all model railroading and railroading related events, whether NRMA sanctioned or not, that we can. Please e-mail us with any upcoming events that we do not have listed and which would be of interest to the local Model Railroading Community


The 2nd Division consists of the following:

South Boundary: The southern boundaries of Tilllmook, Polk, Marion, Jefferson, and Wheeler counties in Oregon.
East Boundary: The eastern boundaries of Gilliam and Wheeler counties in Oregon and the eastern boundary of Klickitat county in Washington.
North Boundary: The northern boundaries of Klickitat, Sakmania, Cowlitz, and Wahkiakum counties in Washington.
West Boundary: The Pacific Ocean

Mailing List

If you are a member of the 2nd Division and would like to be kept up on events or other information pertinent to the 2nd Division, please join our mailing list.


For any issues regarding the 2nd Division, please see the Division Officers page. For any issues regarding this website or 2dpnr.org e-mail, please use the the contact page.

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