2nd Division
Pacific Northwest Region
National Model Railroad Association

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Get more involved with the PNR Second Division! 

This year has been a mixture of terrifyingly busy (after all the National  Convention was in Portland this year!) and the doldrums.

If you are feeling excited after the national and want to get involved, we're looking for:

o  New board members

o  People to run an "extra" meet locally for them.

o  Editor/contributor for the division news letter

o  Venues to hold “regular” division meets

o  Members with good clinics/presentations to share with others

Call (503) 710-5276 or email me at superintendent@2dpnr.org

The National is done - the regional is ahead -

It seems like we just finished with the NMRA National Convention and are looking to ease off a bit.

For the Second Division that means starting to think about the 2018 PNR  Regional Convention. It turns out  that 2014 was the Second Division’s turn to  host the PNR Regional, but with that being the year before the national, the PNR board deemed it imprudent to have a regional convention  immediately followed by a national. Our good buddies up north, the  Fourth Division, agreed to handle the 2014 Regional if we would take  their normal turn in 2018. Thanks Fourth Division!

Your board is in the very earliest stages of starting work for 2018. David  Holden has agreed to chair 2018. Ross Ames has agreed to handle the  layout tours. I'll (Charlie) be handling clinics (after being clinic  wrangler for the national, how hard can it be?) You'll be hearing more  from us fer shure! Let us know if you'd like to get involved.

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